Information for season 2 and the coming weeks!

The start of torn was just amazing, We couldn't ask for much more other than problems that occurred on our end, Would love to say thank you for everyone who took part of playing season one! To show our appreciation every one from season 1 will get the custom tag [SeasonOne] when the server is reset and updated for season 2 to go live!

This thread is to show some of the updates you can expect to be done for Season 2, and even some of the upcoming updates in the next couple weeks.

Upcoming updates for season 2 and now.

By Nick, 14 days ago
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Monthly payouts will be paid on the last day of each month (Starting June 30th)

Payouts will be made to the cell leader which they can share between members, Screenshots are taken at 8pm on the last day of each month, Incase of a tie both prizes will be combined and split evenly between the top cells / prestige.

Boosting alt accounts/islands to receive multiple prizes is against the rules and you will be disqualified from the monthly prizes.

By Nick, 20 days ago
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Welcome to Torn!

Well here we go! The first official announcement of Torn.

What is Torn? We are a new upcoming minecraft network, On the release of Torn we will be focused mainly on the Prison community but that doesn't mean that's all we will ever be! If our server is a success and the community wants to see more we will be open to your suggestions on other gamemodes that would be a perfect fit for our network.

With Torn just opening they may be some things that do not work as intended and improvements to be made. With your help and suggestions we aim to make the most enjoyable prison server of 2019! Make sure you use the suggestions forum and post anythin...

By Nick, 23 days ago
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